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Description of Wallpaper widget

An amazing live wallpaper designed to combine the concept of background to the widget.In doing so, the whole is subjected to a single iterative process instead of multiple.Consequence of this is a saving of battery.The animation stops when the background is not visible (stand-by, menu or other applications) in order to save additional battery.The widgets are implemented in the background:- Battery level widget that detects the level of the battery and displays it in the form of text and colored bow. The colors are: * Green - battery charging * Blue - battery not charging * Yellow - low battery * Red - battery- Time widget that displays the current time using the format resident correspondent in the country The colors are customizable- Date widget that shows the current date using the format resident correspondent in the country The colors are customizableFeatures live wallpaper:Are represented a series of colored circles that move the screen with variable speed, bouncing off the walls.At the touch of the screen change color circles (immediate) and size (gradual).is also possible:- Choose which widgets display- Choose some predefined positions for widgetsLanguages support:- English- Italian

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Android 2.1+

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