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Description of SWAT Anti-terrorist 3D

SWAT Anti-terrorist 3D! SWAT Team shows you an extremely exploding scene!Hostile situation alert! A group of terrorists have hijacked lots of hostages in this city and requiring a heavy ransom to free innocent citizens. Engage in commando action to eliminate ground threat from extremist leader and rescue hostages. In 21st century, terrorism spreads rapidly around the whole world. As the anti-terrorism materials show that all these terrorist activities are tied to dark forces. They have quite advanced military weapons like automatic refiles and AK-47 in this modern war combat. Now sniper, take headshot kill from safe distance and avoid killing innocent hostages. Become Rambo and engage in melee attack with terrorists until you completely destroy them all!Lead the SWAT black ops rescue mission to save the innocent hostages. You have police team professionals training and the ability to win this advanced war. Game features:-first person shooter action packed gameplay-huge array of weapons and equipment to use-advanced weapon upgrade system -destructive kinds of weapons and ammunition-exciting anti-terrorist missions-complicated situation, hijacked buildings and cross firing-exciting map with realistic fighting arena environment-zoom in and out to make headshot kill-with LEVELS, CHALLENGE and SURVIVAL mode to choose fromIs there any possibility to defeat all the terrorists attack and rescue the hostage? Now, sniper take a deep breath and pull the trigger to make a kill shot!

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Android 2.3.2+

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