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Description of Sniper Kill Shoot

The most thrilling and exciting first person shooter experience for android devices you have been expecting is now out on Google Play! Sniper, it’s time to load out your deadly weapon and kill all the terrorists that get the way of world peace!Sniper Kill Shoot is the most fantastic and challenging first person shooter(FPS) experience that snipers are shooting down all the terrorists in worldwide! Terrorism is rapidly spreading all over the world! As it shows that terrorism is always tied to dark forces! Bloody and cruel kill innocent civilians and destroy world peace at any cost! Now terrorist group is wandering in Europe and kidnap civilians living in paris, rome, london. So you have to travel around the city and destroy this terrorist attack. Sniper, it’s time to lead your black ops and stare down your riles scope, zoom in and out to find and identify your target!Sniper, you have to keep these in mind that terrorist group is armed with advanced armor, AK-47, shotguns and new destructive weapons. You have to kill them all before you are hunted! Now arm yourself with deadly sniper shooter refiles, assault refiles, machine guns, railgun and other assassin sniper weapons to complete the covert combat missions and clear all the terrorist threats deep inside the enemy!Sniper Kill Shoot features-first person shooting(FPS) action gameplay-thrilling and challenging anti-terrorist missions-advanced weapon upgrade system -destructive kinds of weapons and ammunition-complicated situation, hijacked buildings and cross firing-exciting map with realistic fighting arena environment-LEVELS, CHALLENGES & SURVIVAL modes to choose from-numerous array of weapons and equipment to useSnipers, find your best sniper vantage point to make headshot, clear all the threats and help the innocent civilians out!

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Android 2.3.2+

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