Prank Teleport Finger Objects Portal Simulator

Prank Teleport Finger Objects Portal Simulator Android Full APK

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Description of Prank Teleport Finger Objects Portal Simulator

Prank teleport finger objects portal simulator is a super fun prank game. Mmm, imagine you can teleport your finger through a real portal in a transparent screen. Figure out how funny it would be to simulate such a game on your mobile phone or tablet and have fun and prank your kids, friends or family. Ummm, do you like the idea? And making jokes? Then this cool free game is a good option to be downloaded and make company in entertainment moments with your people. The teleport finger portal simulator is a prank app which simulates a wormhole from your mobile device screen to your mobile device screen. Put your finger on the bottom hole and the simulator will simulate to take the finger to another hole through a space time dimension flight. But that is not the end of the fun of the simulated teletransportation joke, because due to interferences during the teleportation process, the finger may change to another object. What object? Fingers, feet, hands, presidents of several countries of this world, love messages and animals. The user selects the what.Have into account that this free app is just a game that simulates a finger teleportation. Teleporting is impossible in todays world, science can't teleport your finger, and less transform it into another thing. This is just a prank teleport finger object portal simulator, it just simulates the finger portal. The goal of this app is entertainment, having fun and making jokes. Besides the prank teleport simulated, there is a mini game, which provide more diversion for the ones who will like.The game consists of several parts: the prank teleport finger objects portal simulator and the loop circle mini game, which will give you free coins every time you pass a new level. At the beginning there is only one available teleport prank mode, the second mode has to be unlocked. In order to do so the user needs to collect coins. Coins can be collected in several ways: playing the mini game, sharing on social networks, watching rewarded videos or downloading new games. Getting free coins is easy and fun, collect them to unlock a new mode, which creates random transformation of finger into other things. This makes this prank app even more fun to make more funny jokes.The mini game is a super fun game. A one tap game with a minimalist environment. Hundreds and hundreds of levels a awaiting to be passed. The increasing difficulty let the player learn on the go, without getting stuck more than necessary on the first steps inside the game. The goal of the game is simple and easy: through the balls to the center of the rotating circle, the balls shall be put on the circumference around the center, moves on the circumference follow a pattern, on difficult levels the pattern should be memorized to make life easier to the player. Different balls shooting speed and circular pattern movements are found during the trajectory through the game levels.The design of the game is made thinking on create a environment to enjoy the prank teleport finger objects portal simulator and have fun playing the mini game, all this joint to have a final goal, unlocking the locked game mode and provide all the fun of prank and game together.

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