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Description of Plague SWAT Sniper

Scientists are researching chemical that can be used in war to kill terrorists. However, some bad guys stolen this chemical and put numerous innocent citizens in danger. They are transformed into zombies used to destroy the whole world!Plague SWAT Sniper is a first person shooter game for android mobile and tablet! It’s time to load out your weapons and get yourself fixed! A virus has led to the apocalypse and mutant zombies roam the world! And more people are getting infected. Those who had survived in this warfare had fled away, hoping to escape. As the elite zombie hunter, it’s up to you to shoot your way through challenging levels against the undead enemy. Plague SWAT Sniper is all new, action packed FPS (first person shooter)!Game features:-zombies combat in different zones-slay zombies with numerous weapons-zombie sensation sparking world war-huge array of missions to complet-arcade adventure gameplay-zombocalypse style-FREE zombie shoot game-Assault Vicious Zombies, eliminate the dead-complicated situation, hijacked buildings and cross firingMutant zombies are crumbling everywhere! Sniper, as the zombie frontier, now load out your weapon forces and assault the walking dead, make a kill shot and stop this zombie sensation of this zombie world war in this addictive first person shooter game!

Action Game

Android 2.3.2+

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