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Description of Moto Robot : Angry Shark

Do you want to experience, the thrill of angry sharks and moto robot in under waters? This game is blend of transform robot bike games. Quest all the angry sharks and kill them before they hurt dolphins, and eat divers, swimmers in under water. Play as a Moto Robot Angry Shark games in massive sea and kill angry sharks with ultimate powers as robot. Welcome to the one of the most popular, dangerous and thrill Angry Shark attack and Moto Robot transform game in under water. It is a simple, challenging and very interesting game. Under water Moto Robot Angry Shark is an addictive, adventurous and exciting game with stunning 3D graphics, specially designed for people, looking for some real adventure.Play as Super Hero Robot moto and kill angry wild shark. Take control of a robot moto that can transform and fight against a very angry shark in this action packed adventure game. Moto Robot transformer fight with dangerous sharks and save the dolphins, scuba divers and swimmers. These sharks can attack and destroy your robot moto. Angry Shark is attacking scuba divers, swimmers and you have to rescue them by killing sharks.GameplayPlay this great story to accomplish the missions. Some girls are swimming in under water suddenly angry shark comes near to these swimmers, you will fight with shark and saves from the angry shark. Scuba divers dives to the sea and quest something special, shark is coming to eat them you quest the divers and save her life from the hungry angry shark. Dolphins are danger from angry shark; you will shoot these angry sharks in under water and kill them before they hurt dolphins.FeaturesTransform animations of robot moto.Ride bike ride under water.Fight with shark to save people.Ultimate Shooting ExperienceSmooth and Easy adaptive Controls Rescue swimmers and scuba diverFabulous 3D graphics are used. Enjoy Moto Robot Angry Shark and grow the real experience of the under water. Get ready for the battle against angry wild shark. This game is totally free of cost JUST DOWNLOAD! Ride your bike on under water or transform into robot and fight with angry sharks.

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