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Nightlights is said by many to be the best aurora forecast, northern lights, and southern lights app available on android. In this app you will find many features that you won't find in any other aurora borealis forecast app. Continue reading to see a quick summary of the most important features:Live KP & Magnetic Field InfoGet a fast-loading and accurate KP value to know when the aurora borealis will be active. Nightlights also has live magnetic field info such as Bz, Density, and Speed!Aurora ForecastUnleash the power of easy to read graphs to see a forecast of realistic and potential KP values over the next few hours, as well as 3-day and 27-day KP forecast.Light Pollution MapThe integrated Light Pollution Map helps you find the darkest places near you for the best viewing of the aurora boralis, and the night sky. Our light pollution map has global coverage and is the most detailed and accurate light pollution map available.Live Northern Lights WebcamsWatch live northern lights webcams from around the world!Live Aurora MapSee where the best viewing of the Northern Lights (Aurora) currently is on our live Aurora Map.WidgetsPrefer using widgets to get quick information? In Nightlights, we have 3 types of widgets that show live aurora information, magnetic field information, darkness countdown timer, cloud coverage, and outdoor temperature!Cloud Cover MapBefore you even step outside, you will know if the aurora will even be visible at all and not obscured by heavy cloud coverage. WeatherCloud coverage, temperature, precipitation, humidity, fog, and more!AlertsConfigure the app to send you alerts for when the aurora is visible at your location, and/or when global geomagnetic activity is high! Never miss the aurora again!Sun & Moon InfoGet Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset times; as well as the Moon's phase!SOHO Sun ImagesSee live images of the Sun in different spectrums and wavelengths from NASA's SOHO.In-App Help & SupportGet help, when you need it.And a lot more!Some features above are not available in the free version and may require an additional in-app purchase to Nightlights Pro. Nightlights Pro is a one time purchase of $3.99 USD and helps us to keep this great app running. The northern lights are beautiful and fantastic to witness.APIs Used:Dark SkyAuroraslive.IONorthern Lights

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